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About Us

Innovative design for your structural engineering needs

Shear Force Engineering is an engineering and structural design firm based in Truckee, California, specializing in innovative design for custom new residential, remodels + renovations and all of your structural engineering needs. Working in the Sierras, we are highly experienced with designing for massive snow loads and high seismicity. 

From cutting edge building systems to new technological advancements in imagery, we embrace the future to deliver the best product for our clients. Revit 3D modeling software enables us to design our structures with an intricate spatial relationship between framing members. It also allows us to seamlessly integrate models with architects and designers to coordinate quickly and efficiently. Drones and 3d cameras allow us to efficiently document existing structures and site conditions while 3d printing can produce 1:1 scale connection prototypes. 

Although typical framing is built on hundreds of years of tradition, new technologies allow for more efficient and environmentally friendly building systems. We pride ourselves on embracing new construction technologies and materials such as Insulated Concrete Formwork, Rammed Earth, Fire-Resistant construction methods, and modular construction. We strive to design resilient structures and do not shy away from unconventional building systems. 

Our Relationships

At Shear Force Engineering, we value the relationships we build with the entire design team. We undestand the importance of the design process and work closely with the architect, builder and client. We take the time to listen to the needs of the entire design team to ensure the full vision is brought to life. We pride ourselves on working with contractors to produce a design that is most easily constructible based on their unique needs while meeting building codes and maintaining efficiency. 

Our Solutions

With years of experience in the field of structural engineering, our team at Shear Force Engineering has the expertise to handle even the most complex projects. We rise to meet challenges head-on by synthesizing and simplifying design issues while formulating unique design solutions that can't be found elsewhere. 

Our Product

At Shear Force Engineering, we believe that our plans and calculations should readily provide the needs of code officials while creating a guide from which the project can take physical form. Our detailling efficiently communicates how the structure will be built. Our plans can be easily understood by contractors, architects, and homeowners of any experience level.


Meet Your
Principal Engineer

My name is Alexa Young

Brandon Brooks, PE 

  • LinkedIn

I am passionate about delivering innovative design solutions for the most challenging issues, and researching alternative building systems and construction techniques.

My experience as a Professional Engineer includes expertise in snow loads, seismic activity, historic buildings and luxury residential design in the unique environment of the Tahoe and Truckee areas.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, off-roading, and spending time with my family outside in this beautiful area we call home.  

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